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Super Pyro Package

We have listed some of the most popular products in this package.

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Avalanche 200g
Cherry Bomber *New for 2022* 200g
Flabbergasted *New for 2022* 200g
Gold Rush 350g
Hot For Teacher 350g
Ogre’s *New for 2022* 200g
Sith 200g
Squirrely 200g
Super Sonic 200g
Winter Ballistic *New for 2022* 200g
ACME Assortment (All) *New for 2022*
– Bugs 500g
– Taz 500g
– Tweety 500g
– Yosemite Sam 500g
Amazing Ballet (Zipper) 500g
Bad Robot 500g
Bandicoot 500g
Da Big Bomb Box Assortment (All)  *New for 2022*
  – Atom Bomb 500g
  – Cobalt Bomb 500g
  – Hydrogen Bomb 500g
  – Neutron Bomb 500g
Fantastic Beast 500g
Glitter Bomb *New for 2022* 500g
Patriotic Dominance 500g
Watermelon Moonshine *New for 2022* 500g
Whomping Willow 500g
Wolf Warrior 500g
King’s Curse (24 Pack and 4 Fiberglass Tubes) Artillery



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