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$1000 Super Pyro Package

Super Pyro Package

We have listed some of the most popular products in this package.

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Avalanche 200g
Stone Cold Crazy 200g
Fast and Furious 200g
Gold Rush 350g
Gnomes 200g
Lightning Shot 200g
Sith 200g
Color Fish 200g
Super Sonic 200g
Totally Twisted 500g
Shark Assortment (All)
– Shark Tale 500g
– Shark Rider 500g
– Shark Waves 500g
– Jawsome 500g
Amazing Ballet (Zipper) 500g
Disco Ball NOAB
Bi-Polar Box 500g
Mt. Rushmore Assortment (All)
  – Washington 500g
  – Lincoln 500g
  – Roosevelt 500g
  – Jefferson 500g
Fantastic Beast 500g
Glitter Bomb 500g
Shine 500g
New Heights 500g
Willow Nation 500g
Road To Freedom 350g
All American Star Kisses 350g
Tiki Bombs 6″ (24 Pack and 4 Fiberglass Tubes) Artillery
Weight 150 lbs


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