Pyro Package


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     11 of 200g Cakes
     9 of 500gs cakes
     24 Artillery Shells
Name Type
Silver Dragon 200g
Turn It Loose 200g
Pyro Alert 200g
Coconut Grove Song 200g
Toadily Jazzed 200g
Wicked 200g
Super Sonic 200g
Super Hurricane 200g
Star Kisses 350g
Vicious 350g
Fireball 350g
Classic Cool #11 500g
Totally Twisted 500g
Heavenly Halo 500g
Deuces Wild 500g
Danger Stay Back 500g
Pirates Cove X 1 (one cake out of assortment) 500g
Mt Rushmore X 1 (one cake out of assortment) 500g
9s Nishiki Kamuro 500g
Khaotic Kaboom 500g NOAB
Death Shells X 24 Artillery