Novelty Package


We have listed some of the most popular products in this package.

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Hen Laying Egg X 2 Novalty
Chicken Blowing Balloon X 2 Novalty
Gassy Gorilla Novalty
Large Happy Lamp Novalty
Climbing Panda Novalty
Crackling Balls Pack (qty 6) X 2 Novalty
Half Ton Novalty
Magic Whip (box of 12) Novalty
Loop-De-Loop Novalty
Sword Fountain Novalty
Machine Gun Kelly Novalty
Assorted Smoke Balls (pack of 6) X 2 Smoke
Jumbo Smoke Balls (pack of 3) Smoke
World’s Largest Smoke Ball Smoke
Color Smoke Grenade X 2 Smoke
1″ Water Crackers (box 100) Firecracker
Black Cat 1.5″ Crackers (100 ct) Firecracker
Twister Sticks (pack of 6) X 2 Spinners
Ground Bloom Flower (pack 6) Spinners
Lotus Lantern Spinners
Ground Bloom Flower w/report (6 pack) Spinners
14″ Morning Glory Sparkler (pack of 6) Sparkler
36″ Morning Glory Sparkler (pack of 6) Sparkler