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4th of July Package - Aerial

We have listed some of the most popular products in this package.

Please visit for a full preview of each item.


Booty Pirate 200g
Bump Bear 200g
Exploding Gnats 200g
Fight Night 200g
Flash Burn 200g
Gold Rush 200g
Sith 200g
Squirrely 200g
Star Kisses 200g
Strobing Willow 200g
Swamp Thang 200g
Backyard King 500g
Black Dragon 500g
Khaotic Kaboom 500g NOAB
Mt. Rushmore X 1 (one cake out of assortment) 500g
Pirates Cove X 1 (one cake out of assortment) 500g
Kong Shells 4″ (6 Pack) Artillery

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