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$500 Pyro Package

Pyro Package

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     9 200/350g Cakes
     8 500g cakes
     24 Premium 5″ Artillery Shells
Name Type
All American Star Kisses 350g
Glitter Bomb 500g
Spawn Kill 500g
Avalanche 200g
Siren’s Call 200g
Light It Up 350g
Mt. Rushmore 500g
Alter Ego 500g
Best in the Field 200g
Gold Rush 350g
Cryptic Warning 500g
Neon Candy 500g
Death Punch 500g
Over The Rainbow 500g
Neon Goblin 200g
Neuralizer 350g
Gnomes 200g
The King’s Curse 5″ Artillery
Weight 82 lbs


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