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Boy or Girl (Daytime) *Gender Reveal Item*

500g Aerial

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Brand: Winda
Duration: 20 sec
Shots: 30 Shots
Type: 500g Aerial
Item Quantity: Each
Packed: 2/2 (2 Pink & 2 Blue)
Effect: (Pink or Blue) Single color fanned comets of blue or pink smoke to a report. (***DAY TIME EFFECTS***)
*** There is a discreet blue or pink sticker on the cake (by the bar code) to tell the difference, but not noticeable enough for the new parents-to-be to know any different! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Weight N/A

Boy, Girl, Case

1 review for Boy or Girl (Daytime) *Gender Reveal Item*

  1. Ryan S

    Awesome little cakes! Used 2 of them for our first little man! Lit together, filled the sky better than I thought, and the blues were great!

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