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Green Slow Saftey Fuse

Green Slow Safety Fuse (30 sec/ft)


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Brand: Generic
Duration: 30 sec/ft
Shots: N/A
Type: Fuse
Item Quantity: 20 feet
Packed: 100/1
Effect: Green Fuse – Slow. Great for fusing up multiple items at once with some extra time in between!

**Due to fuse shortage, brands and timing may vary slightly pending availability**

Weight 0.3 lbs

Single Item, Wholesale Not Available

1 review for Green Slow Safety Fuse (30 sec/ft)

  1. Chris R – Indiana

    Bought this and the blue. Blue was more consistent. This one wasn’t bad, just times varied 26-33 seconds per foot and was hoping for more consistency like the American visco.

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