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We are active in the pyrotechnic community and enjoys chatting about fireworks with anyone and everyone!

Ryan Steffen

Ryan’s love of fireworks started years ago. It began when he begged his mom to buy the little $10 assortment pack so he could point tanks at each other to battle and then see if they’d catch fire, they did.

After that it quickly progressed to a 4th of July when his late grandmother visited to town from Virginia over the holiday, he was 12 and got the opportunity to “put on a show”. After figuring out he could twist artillery shell fuses together for more than one at a time, he was hooked and the rest is history.

Ryan started this business with the intentions of bringing people value with their fireworks purchases, getting the best bang for their buck, and hopefully impact at least one 4 year old that can point tanks at each other so he or she will love and appreciate fireworks one day too.

Mark Texel

Mark is a fireworks enthusiast who began selling fireworks more than 20 years ago in his hometown of Wahoo, NE.  He’s been doing fireworks shows for more than 10 years.  He is familiar with a number of electronic remote firing systems, including Cobra.  Mark enjoys searching for the best performing products in the market and passing them on to his customers, which includes attending countless fireworks demos each year.  He is active in the pyrotechnic community and enjoys chatting about fireworks with anyone and everyone!

Ryan Cobb

Ryan is your typical pyro nut. He would blow up our entire inventory if he could. Growing up in Lincoln, he has had a love for fireworks his whole life.

One childhood memory is getting the cops called on him from lighting firecrackers off one by one for hours. Even though it was legal, one of the neighbors got tired of hearing a BANG that long. Oh how nice it was to be a kid!

As an adult (or big kid), Ryan started going to demos and putting on shows. Learning a ton from the pyro community until he was putting on pyromusicals with help from his wife Sara. Even though he used a small 12 cue system, it didn’t stop him from putting on a 5 song show.

Ryan knows his product with an eye for what’s good. There’s not many people with more product knowledge. Ask him a product question and watch his eyes light up as he steers you in the right direction.

We at TTF are happy to have someone like Ryan in our corner. Living in Lincoln, he will help us grow there and beyond.

Ryan Steffen
Phone: 402.318.5227
Mark Texel
Phone: 402.450.0994
Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.